Welcome to my Wedding Photography Blog.
June 2018 - It has been a while since i have posted anything on here. Just about to head away to Crete for my summer break. When you are a wedding photographer you work hard so have to play hard to and that is exactly what i am going to do.

January 2018 - It was a very quite month for me so wend away to Krakow in Poland with friends for a few days.

November 2017 - Wedding Season is finally over and I have no more weddings to photograph this year. I have a few bookings in for next year at venues I have never been to before so am looking forward to getting new venues in my portfolio and photographing more happy couples.

June 2017 - I have just returned from a holiday in Crete. I have a lot of wedding photos to edit from the 2 weddings I photographed just before I went on holiday.

May 2017 - Wedding season has finally arrived and am looking forward to photographing a few weddings this month. I am also looking to book a holiday soon. I am limited as to when I can go on holiday as I am busy most weekends either photographing weddings or hiring out the magic selfie mirror.

March 2017 - I have taken the decision to move away from my hometown of Penicuik and am re-locating to Fife. I will still be travelling though out Scotland and the North of England to photograph weddings and supply the Selfie Mirror Photo Booth. I have been very busy recently and it looks like it is going to be a busy few months for me.

January 2017 - Its been a few months since I have blogged. A few months ago I added a Magic Mirror Photo Booth to the business and many people who have booked me to photograph their wedding have booked the Magic Mirror to entertain their guests at the wedding reception. Most Photo Booth companies are franchised so they need to charge more. As I work independently and own my booth outright I can charge far less than most photo booth businesses.

September 2016 - I have been photographing quite a lot of weddings this month. September is always one of the busiest months for me. This month has seen me take a few bookings for next year and some of these bookings are for venues I have never photographed weddings at before so I am looking forward to the new challenges ahead. Its getting to that time of year where I am ready for a break and am about to plan my winter holiday.

August 2016 - As I have developed my style over the years I have realised that being a photographer is not about creating the perfect photo its about capturing the perfect moment and sometimes I deliberately shoot photos that are wrongly exposed to create a dramatic feel. The photo pictured (right) I overexposed the camera to create a dramatic and diffused light from the window then underexposed the flash to create shadows to give the image depth. I want brides to be able to look at photos like this in years to come and remember what they were feeling at that moment in time. Its images like this that help me separate me from other photographers.

June 2016 - I was able to squeeze a little holiday in for the start of June. I was in Marrakesh in Morocco for a week. After going to Marrakesh last October and really enjoying it i decided it would be good to go back half way through Wedding Season for a little break. Last time i visited this unique city i stayed at the Golden Tulip Farah Hotel in the Hivernage district and really enjoyed my stay but this time I stayed in the El Andalous Hotel. I was only back from Morocco around a week then i was away to a Wedding in Liverpool. This time i was invited as a guest. Being a wedding photographer who photographs around 30 - 40 weddings a year it was good to be able to attend a wedding as a guest for a change so I made sure I had a few drinks and relaxed as much as possible.

May 2016 - It is around 9 years since I became a Wedding Photographer. Between the weddings I have been photographing this month I have been allocating time to looking through some of the photos that I have taken in my career and what ones have defined me as a photographer. Most of my favourite photos are in Black and White and the favourite black and white photos I have taken were shots at Weddings at Pitbauchlie House in Dunfermline, Orocco Pier in South Queensferry, The Drummossie Hotel in Inverness and the Bay Hotel in Petticur Bay near Burntisland in fife. I photographed Russell and Lorraines wedding at Barony Castle near Peebles this month (pictured to the right) is a romantic photo I shot of them in the stunning grounds of the Barony Castle.

March - 2016 - Wedding Photography bookings are now coming in on a weekly basis and i am really looking forward to the wedding season ahead.

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